When it comes to investing it property, it pays to do your research. This means ensuring you know as much as possible about the property you’re interested in buying – where it’s located, what’s nearby the property (parks, schools, transport options, etc.), what development projects are coming up in the area, what are the typical rental yields, etc.

You’ll also need to know what finance options are available to you. This means either by researching of hundreds of different loans yourself or letting an ACHL finance specialist take the stress away from your purchase and doing the work for you.

We recommend the latter.

How can ACHL be of assistance?

We here at ACHL are well versed in all the nuances of investment lending. Thanks to our large panel of lenders, we’re able to scour the market to find the ideal investment loan for your situation. This means ensuring you have all the right loan features, the lowest possible rate and the ideal lender services.

We’re also here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you understand every step of the loan process. This includes helping you with the complicated paperwork, dealing with lenders on your behalf and settling the loan as quickly as possible. We’ll also keep in touch to ensure that your loan remains the right one for you down the track.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation financial health check to determine whether you’re in a position to invest. Our number is 1300 797 338 or you can email us at info@achl.com.au.


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