It’s almost a rite of passage for Australians to venture overseas at some point in their life. For some, the idea of working and travelling in another country is so strong that they elect to reside there for an extended period. And yet despite living overseas, that doesn’t mean that the opportunity to invest in the Australian property market isn’t available.

How does an expat loan differ from a traditional loan?

The short answer is that it depends on the situation. A lot of factors are considered when assessing a loan for an Australian citizen living abroad, including the country they work/reside in, the loan amount, the intended purchase as well as the usual income/expenses assessment.

It’s also not uncommon for the loan interest rate to be slightly higher than that of a more traditional loan, however it depends on the lender.

How can someone get an expat loan?

The first step is simple – speak to us here at ACHL. We will take the time to learn about our clients situation, and work out which lender on our panel has the ideal product. We’ll then guide the borrower through each step including gathering the necessary paperwork, dealing with lenders and eventually settling the loan.

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